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Our Team

Le Petit Trou team solely consists of young, brave women full of passion for what they’re doing.

The office itself is also full of dogs, who accompany us along the way. All together, we create a small Le Petit Trou family.

The office is always filled with coffee smell and fresh flowers, which we all love so much. You can also always find some great treats as we’re all foodies! During the day, aside from hard work, we like to have fun and together discuss daily collection matters, as Zuzanna always want to hear everybody’s opinion. Afterall, it is a brand for normal women like us.

We try to be supportive of each other and inspire one another, cause we think it’s the only way to create something that is authentic and beautiful.

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The name of the brand not only refers to its signature cuts in lingerie, but also allows ones’ imagination run wild.

The pieces are characterized by the use of the finest materials sourced from Europe and Polish, local production. The designs themselves are created in a way to make women feel beautiful in their own skin and  not compromising on comfort. The pieces are ought to make the customer feel special, not matter the circumstances - whether you wear them on the night out or a proper night in.

One of the biggest highlights was surely a collaboration with &Other Stories and creating a limited collection of 10 pieces of both lingerie and loungewear, which sold out internationally in less than 4 hours.

The design studio and flagship store are both located in Warsaw, Poland. The selection is also available in 25 countries, being a part of prestigious boutiques and selected online stores, expanding its outreach from season to season.

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Meet Zuzanna Kuczyńska who in 2014 decided to turn her life around, quit her prosperous career as a stylist and follow her dreams.

The idea for creating the brand came about during one of the photoshoots she was in charge of. At that time, there was a void on the Polish market in terms of lingerie created solely for women, their comfort and their need for feminine and fashionable shapes. 

With Zuzanna’s friends and family support, first samples  of Le Petit Trou started to emerge and the testing was a true joy for everybody. Zuzanna’s girlfriends - moms, stylists, business women,  were indeed her first loyal customers and it hasn’t changed since. At first, lingerie was sold in her own apartment, where between the kitchen and the living room was a constant changing room.

This is how it all started and now, initially a  lingerie brand has expanded its selection to swimwear, dresses, loungewear and shoes.

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